Glass Hookah

Glass hookahs are durable and hard wearing, and easy to clean.  Only the hookah hose, valve and bowl are made of other materials such as plastic or metal. The advantages of glass hookah is that primarily they are beautiful to look at, oozing elegance and style. However there are other key benefits for smoking with a glass hookah which make them more efficient than the more common and inferior pipes made with other materials such as metal or wood.

Not only will glass hookah retain the flavour of your smoke better as they are ore efficiently sealed and air tight, but you also avoid any ‘ghosting effect’ whereby the smoke adopts a metalic flavour acquired from smoking through a metal hookah body. The best glass hookah also allow you to showcase your own unique combinations of fruit and ice, plus when used with an LED light unit the glass reflects the light for a more striking visual impact. Lastly, glass hookah pipes do not  rust, and if looked after and properly maintained and cleaned, they can last forever making for a more sensible investment.

Among the most popular glass hookahs that we sell are Circulos Crystal Hookah, the Pod 10 inch and taller Pod 24 inch glass hookah. Also popular are our glass Jar hookah for something a little more portable, and our glass hookah tank packages.