Where quality materials meet design

Lovers and connoisseurs of the world’s most unique hookah’s we’ve combined the best materials, with the highest standards of product design and individuality.

Our diamond standard

Making sure that our products exceed customer expectations, for quality, style and performance.

Glass hookah pope with fruit and ice.

Serving individuals, high end bars and lounges around the world, we offer a diverse collection of hookah pipes and accessories to meet your needs.

Whether you desire using a conventional hookah bowl or you enjoy customizing your bowl or glass hookah interior, our hookahs can create your own expression of creativity and imagination. There are limitless combinations of bowls and body interiors you can create and make your own.


  • Simplicity in design

    Simple, and elegant design is what we strive for in all aspects of our product design.

  • Uncompromising quality

    Made to the highest standards of craftsmanship we ensure our products meet the highest quality assurance standards prior to leaving our warehouses.

  • A shared experience

    Our products are meant to be seen and shared with friends and family. Hookah is a communal and traditional social activity meant to bring people closer together in conversation and just for fun.

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