Circulos Crystal Hookah




Circulos Crystal Hookah Description & User Guide:

PDF:   Circulos-Hookah-Usage-Guide

Designed to deliver the perfect smoking experience. Our tested, best designs and materials have gone into the creation of this hookah. The quality and clarity of the Bohemian Crystal base is amazing to see. The durability and simplicity of the stainless steel mono body design will provide for ease of use and durability.

Key features include: Two purge valves located within in the stainless steel mono body, one of the purge valve holes can be used for an additional hose if desired, wide top hole on the crystal body (35mm) for filling the body, leather wrapped – hand stitched leather hosing (option), heavy duty wooden storage box with foam interior (option), 316 stainless steel heat management – Windguard 4.0 (WG4), and fine porcelain bowl. Replaceable parts are available (if necessary) and easy product disassembly for through cleaning.

The materials include the finest hand blown Bohemian cut crystal, high grade porcelain, high grade stainless steel and surgical grade hosing wrapped in fine leather are the hallmarks of our materials. All of the components fit precisely together and deliver the cleanest purest smoke. All together this hookah will deliver a lifetime of use and enjoyment that is more than the sum of its parts.

What's in the box

  • Complete Hookah System

  • Crystal Circulos Base

  • Stainless Steel Center Section

  • Heat Management

  • Porcelain Bowl

  • Downstem

  • Pro Hose Set

  • 120mm LED Light (Optional)

Fine detail

  • Base Material:

    Bohemian Crystal

  • Center Section:

    Stainless Steel

  • Bowl:


  • Hosing:

    Taste Free & Food Grade

  • Heat Management:

    316 - Stainless Steel WG4

  • Height:

    24.5 Inches (62cm)

  • Weight:

    14.5 Pounds (6.6 KG)

  • Lighting:

    120mm Color Changing LED (Optional)

Configure Your Hookah

Hoses are available in several styles with a choice of options to customize to your taste.

Circulos Crystal Hookah


Circulos Crystal Hookah

Hose Circulos Pro Hose Set