Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)




The Fumo ZED, featuring our 24-inch tripod table stand – is a professional grade hookah with a unique contemporary style, powerful delivery and clean performance.

Our hookahs feature, hand blown heavy laboratory grade glass tubing, high-grade stainless-steel components, and specially formulated food/pharmaceutical grade hosing for a taste free and hygienic experience. This combination of high-grade materials and dedicated craftsmanship delivers to you the purest smoke possible. This dedication to detail, translates to professional grade function, durability and ease of use.

What's in the box

  • Glass bowl

  • Downstem

  • Porcelain bowl (optional)

  • zed

  • stand

  • Windguard

  • Number of Hoses 1

  • number of plugs 2

Fine detail

  • Height:

    36 Inches

  • Width :

    6.25 Inches

  • Body:

    Laboratory Borosilicate Glass

  • Bowl:

    Glass or Porcelain (choose)

  • Hose :

    65 Inches - 70 Inches (choose)

  • Heat Management:

    Windguard 4 & Tool

Configure Your Hookah

Bodies are selectable in two body styles with a choice of options to customize to your tastes.

Bowls are available in two styles with a choice of options of glass or porcelain to customize to your tastes.

Hoses are available in several styles with a choice of options to customize to your taste.

Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)


Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)

Body Zed 24 Inch Clear Hookah
Bowl Large Fumo Glass Bowl 70mm & Downstem
Hose Glass MP & Insert Hose Set