Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)




The Fumo ZED, featuring our 24-inch tripod table stand – is a professional grade hookah with a unique contemporary style, powerful delivery and clean performance.

Our hookahs feature, hand blown heavy laboratory grade glass tubing, high-grade stainless-steel components, and specially formulated food/pharmaceutical grade hosing for a taste free and hygienic experience. This combination of high-grade materials and dedicated craftsmanship delivers to you the purest smoke possible. This dedication to detail, translates to professional grade function, durability and ease of use.

What's in the box

  • Glass bowl

  • Downstem

  • Porcelain bowl (optional)

  • zed

  • stand

  • Windguard

  • Windguard tool

  • Number of Hoses 1

  • number of plugs 2

Fine detail

  • Height:

    36 Inches

  • Width :

    6.25 Inches

  • Body:

    Laboratory Borosilicate Glass

  • Bowl:

    Glass or Porcelain (choose)

  • Hose :

    65 Inches - 70 Inches (choose)

  • Heat Management:

    Windguard 4 & Tool

Configure Your Hookah

Bodies are selectable in two body styles with a choice of options to customize to your tastes.

Bowls are available in two styles with a choice of options of glass or porcelain to customize to your tastes.

Hoses are available in 8 styles with a choice of options to customize to your tastes.

Add-ons are specially priced accessories made available with purchase of a hookah package.

Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)


Selected Items will be part of the finished product purchase.

Zed 24 Inch Packages (Collection)

Body Zed 24 Inch Clear Hookah
Bowl Large Fumo Glass Bowl 70mm & Downstem
Hose Glass MP & Insert Hose Set