F122 Porcelain Bowl Pro



Designed to set the standard for performance, beauty and purity of smoke, set around a white porcelain finish & platinum accents. Its vortex five hole center spire structure and properly proportioned bowl depth provides the ultimate hookah smoking experience.

The entire bowl is made from fine porcelain, allowing for perfect heat transference characteristics, and thermal properties. The smooth porcelain surface finish allows for easy clean up and with just quick rinse of water, the bowl is as clean as new. The platinum logos add a classic look to the entire timeless design. Our custom clear bowl grommet is made from high quality food grade silicone, durable and designed to last for many years.

The Porcelain Pro Bowl is compatible with all Fumo Hookahs and Fumo Heat Management Systems. Each bowl comes with a silicone grommet and requires a fruithead downstem (sold separately) to attach the bowl to the hookah. Simply place the silicone grommet on the top of the fruithead downstem and then position the bowl on the top of the grommet to complete the seal. The bowl is also compatible with other hookah systems and brands but may require a different grommet to complete the seal.

What's in the box

  • Porcelain Bowl

  • Silicone Grommet Icon

    Silicone Grommet

Fine detail

  • Height:

    4.8 Inches (120mm)

  • Width:

    2.75 Inches (70mm)

  • Materials:

    Porcelain & Platinum