Fruit Head Downstems



The purpose of the Fruithead Downstem is to work as an adapter for customer-made custom fruit bowls or as an adapter for the Fumo Porcelain Bowl using an included silicone grommet. It can also be used other custom bowls as the user might desire.

The Fruithead Downstem is designed to fit into the large top joint of the hookah body. The downstem inserts into this top hole to create the downstem feature as well as a place to attach a bowl. Once placed in the hookah the bottom portion of the downstem should extend about 0.5 – 1.0 inches into the water in order to make the hookah function properly.

The downstem consists of an integral diffuser bottom and 2 glass ground joints. The diffuser end is designed to reduce noise and increase cooling of the smoke. The bottom glass ground joint provides a tight seal between the hookah body and the downstem and the top ground joint holds the fruit or with the included silicone grommet holds the Porcelain Bowl Pro.


Fine detail

  • Length:

    5 - 12 Inches

  • Material :

    Borosilicate Glass