Fumo Tea Set M-1




The Fumo tea set M-1 is a complete tea set package that allows you to prepare your tea, your way. Made of the highest grade materials the tea set comes with two tea glasses, two screens and the vessel body and pour spout. Offering the two screens gives you the option of steeping the tea either in the long stainless steel screen or in the vessel itself using the smaller pour spout strainer screen.

Options for the final packaging include the card board box for normal storage and kitchen use or the heavy duty steel case for taking with you when you need the added protection and portability that the sealed steel case provides.

What's in the box

  • Tea Vessel

    Tea Vessel

  • Tea Pour Spout

  • 2 Tea Cups

  • Stainless Steel Pour Top Strainer

  • Stainless Steel Vessel Strainer

Fine detail

  • Glass Material:

    Borosilicate Scientific Lab Glass

  • Metal:

    High Grade Stainless Steel

Configure your tea set

Fumo Tea Set M-1


Fumo Tea Set M-1

Tea Set Tea Set M-1
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