Windguard 1.0 Classic



The original stainless steel Fumo heat management device, designed for our first generation of hookahs is still in fashion and in use around the world. The WG1.0 eliminates the need for aluminum foil and boasts a clean even smoking experience that is super easy to use. Universal to many hookah bowls and fruit bowls it is a classic that is sure to get used often !

The Windguard comes as two parts, the lower screen and the top cover. Simply place and center the screen on the bowl, place the coals on the screen and then add the round top cover. At this point you can sit back relax and enjoy the smoke.


What's in the box

  • Windguard 1.0 Screen

  • Windguard 1.0 Cover

Fine detail

  • Material :

    Stainless Steel