Stainless Steel Hose Set Black – Type 2



This hose set combines a 316 stainless steel hose insert fitting with a glass ground joint and an all - 316 stainless steel mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is great for situations where you need the sturdy constructions of stainless steel to prevent breakage. This mouthpiece is virtually indestructible and will survive in any environment or situation that you can throw at it. Each hose is manufactured from specially formulated taste free hosing, certified to the highest food and pharmaceutical grade hosing standards and is designed to have maximum flexibility without kinking.

Our goal with this material combination was to create a hose that was hygienic, materially safe and would not impart any material taste into the smoking experience. All materials are extremely durable and will not degrade even after many years of heavy use.

To clean after use, just use hot soapy water. After a through cleaning and rise, just hang up to drip-dry for subsequent sessions.


Part No: F208-2
Length: 60 inches (153cm)
Width: 5/8 inches (1.6cm)
Mouthpiece: 316 Grade SS
Insert: 316 Grade SS, 14-mm ground joint male insert


Tubing Benefits

- Pharmaceutical Grade

- Imparts No Taste or Odors

- Does Not Contain Plasticizers Or Additives That Could Leach And 

  Cause Toxicological Issues. 

- Manufactured In A Clean Room Environment

- Tear Resistant

- Fully Autoclavable And Sterilizable


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Stainless Steel Hose Set Black – Type 2

5' Complete Hose Set Black with SS Mouthpiece - 2

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