WG2 - Windguard 2.0


The Windguard  2.0 (-WG2-) is our latest improvement to heat management. This new system allows for a smoother more evenly distributed heat as well as better and longer coal utilization. The result is a smoother longer lasting smoke, without burning or harsh aftertaste. As with our first windguard system there is no longer a need for aluminum foil or for coal rotation during your shisha session. Coals that now last 25 to 45 minutes before replacement will now last 20 to 30 minutes longer.

The dual screen system keeps ash and coal particulates from falling through the screens and impinging on the tobacco, while reducing coal off gasses from damaging the tobacco flavor. With proper bowl loading there is no need for that WG2 to be in direct contact with the tobacco. A space 1/8 inch (2 - 3 mm) between the tobacco and the WG2 is recommended to maintain adequate airflow to the system, while at the same time keeping the tobacco from burning and keeping the tobacco from sticking to the WG2. For usage instruction go to www.fwg2.com/how-to-use for more details.

Heating time for the WG2 is between three and six minutes utilizing fully heated coals. Once the WG2 is up to full heat temperature there is no need to do anything except enjoy the shisha. If you need to replace the coals or remove the WG2 once the unit is heated, a tool is provided that is designed to fit in the upper screen slot, coal cover slot and/or the three slot openings in the screen base unit. The tool will allow you to move the WG2 in a positive fashion.

Cleanup is easy once the WG2 cools to room temperature. Just use freshwater to rinse the parts clean and allow time to dry. There is no need to remove burnt, stuck tobacco from the WG2 as with other systems who need direct contact with the tobacco to work properly.


Fumo WG2 - Windguard 2

Part No(s): WG2
Height: 2 inches (5.2cm)
Width: 3.2 inches (8.1cm)
Material: Aluminum

Includes Aluminum Handling Tool.

For start up we recommend 4 fully heated coals. 

For Additional Usage Instructions please go to:

www.fwg2.com/how-to-use For more details.

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WG2 - Windguard 2.0

1- WG2 Heat Managment System

1- Aluminum Handling Tool

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