Hookah Coal Burner


It'll cook your coal and your can of chicken soup. Fumari's single electric burner quickly and evenly heats your charcoal, now leaving your stove less used than it already was. It features a coiled heating element, carrying handles, temperature control knob, 24-inch power cord, and convenient power indicator light. Plug it in and get your hookah on. Just don't forget to eat.


Material:  Metal & Plastic

Size Detail:  14.5 inches (36.83 cm) x 10 inches (25.4 cm) x 4 inches (10.16 cm)

Works With:  Requires 120-volt standard outlet

Care:  Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Do not leave on for excessive periods of time.

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Hookah Coal Burner


Hookah Coal Burner

Hookah Coal Burner

Includes One Hookah Coal Burner

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