About Us

Fumo Design is an original product design company started in 2009 by product designer, creator and entrepreneur Dan Sweitzer. The product design goal with Fumo was to use superior materials to achieve the most functional, artistic and original hookah products on the market. If the ultimate goal is to highlight the flavor of the shisha then our design goal must be to create the finest hookah that would be able to deliver this superior experience. To this end we are always are striving to further our designs and enhance the user experience.  


As a company we at Fumo are very proud of our products, customer service and to the contributions we have been able to make to the Hookah/Shisha community. The original Tank, Pod, Jar, Orb and F4 and heat management designs have revolutionized our industry and have made us what we are today. We owe 100% of our success to our loyal and wonderful customers and friends that have supported us over the years. Thank you all for your support.  


Best & Warmest Regards,


Daniel Sweitzer

Founder & Product Designer


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